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This space is for open comments or feedback on the budget, Council priorities, or engagement process. All comments will be provided to the Mayor and Council and City leadership for review.

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Hi, My name is Karen Villeneuve and I live in mid town near Grant Rd and Campbell Ave. on Silver St. I am a proud Democrat and voted for our current Mayor and still remember when she came to my door requesting my support. I have never asked for anything but I am getting to the point where I want to play a role in the total disregard for our neighborhood streets. The size and amount of potholes in our Streets is both damaging to our vehicles and an eyesore and embarrassment. It really feels like no one cares. If I attached photos of ALL of the streets around us you would be appalled what we are expected to drive over and around. It hurts our alignments and our cars daily. Why are we being left out of street repaving projects or at least major repairs? Thank you for your time, Karen Villeneuve Hello, my name is Martina Leon Rodriguez and I am writing with concerns regarding our safety within and around our neighborhood. We have asked for lights for a part of our neighborhood for well over 20 years but our request has fallen on deaf ears. We want them for a part of the neighborhood because the rest has had lights for many years. We are concerned for our safety as we love to take walks in our neighborhood but during the summer months it's easier to do later in the day but it gets very dark and we are concerned that limits our ability to stay more active. There is also a lot of drug activity within the perimeter of our neighborhood that spills into our streets and having lights would keep us safer, especially when our children play outside of their homes. In addition to this concern, half of our neighborhood has been repaved yet the other half is full of potholes. I request for them to be filled in but they only last for a short time. It would be very helpful and safer for the constituents in our neighborhood to not have to drive dodging the many potholes in our streets. I would also help our car's alignment as well. Before cutting vital programs in Parks and Recreation, let’s prioritize saving money and the environment by Not wasting utilities by leaving doors opened in air conditioned buildings, lights on In unoccupied rooms, etc. No one who had to pay their own bills would ever do such things :sweat:

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June 6, 2021, 1:56 AM

Martina Leon Rodriguez inside Ward 1

May 21, 2021, 11:43 AM

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May 21, 2021, 11:18 AM

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