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Tompkins County Community Engagement

Which "I Voted" sticker should be handed out to voters during the November, 2023 general election?

Thank you for participating!

July 9, 2023

The Tompkins County Board of Elections has announced that Dakota Tseng, a recently graduated senior from New Roots Charter School submitted the winning design for the 2023 “I Voted” sticker contest. Tseng’s design featuring a cat in a field of flowers will be printed on 30,000 “I Voted” stickers by the Board of Elections and distributed to Tompkins County voters in the 2023 general election.

Tseng will also be recognized by the Legislature at their July 18 meeting with a proclamation. Tseng said, “As a recently graduated senior, I love to participate in democracy. I hope my sticker design will inspire others to engage as well!”

Eight sticker designs were considered by the Tompkins County Public, submitted by eight students from local schools including New Roots Charter School, Lehman Alternative Community School, Ithaca High School, and Dryden High School. Over 2,100 votes were cast for the top sticker design.

Republican Elections Commissioner Alanna Congdon said, “Kudos to Dakota and all of the young people who submitted designs – they were fantastic and great expressions of our local artistic talent. We had excellent turnout for this election – I wish we could say that about all elections! I hope that having a new and exciting sticker available only to voters in Tompkins County will encourage more people to show up to the polls this November.”

Democratic Elections Commissioner Stephen Dewitt said, “Congratulations, Dakota. Your design will be printed on tens of thousands of stickers to be distributed this November. I hope that we were able to inspire young people to be more civically engaged with elections and the political process. It’s great to see so many people engaging with this contest by voting for their favorite design.”

The 2023 General Election will take place on November 7.