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David Bendit July 28, 2022, 1:57 PM

Did you participate in the City of Sun Prairie “No Mow May 2022” initiative? Yes
Why did you participate; did you have an objective in mind? I wanted to conserve habitat and provide foraging resources for pollinators., I wanted to promote green infrastructure and biodiversity on my property., I wanted to mow less frequently to save time, energy, and resources., I was curious about the pilot and wanted to learn more.
Were you aware of the objective of No Mow May? Yes (conserving habitat and providing foraging resources for pollinators).
In general, what did you think of No Mow May in Sun Prairie? Were there any questions you had after participating in or observing this initiative throughout the community? I liked it, and intend to participate next year if it's reinstated. Even if it isn't, I won't be mowing until plants hit the full 8" limit, and then I'll be mowing at the highest setting on my mower deck (which is already how I mow).
Were there any potential concerns you had about the initiative, during or after the month of May? Volume of grass clippings
In planning No Mow May for 2023, the city received feedback that was addressed in the Impact Report - FAQ Section. Do you think anything is missing from that section? No
No Mow May was an initiative designed to promote pollinator foraging resources and biodiversity in the community. What similar efforts or projects would you like to see in the community for 2023 and beyond? Increase the tree canopy in the community., Install green infrastructure in the community (greenspaces, native species, rain gardens, etc.)., Allow residents more flexibility on their property (natural lawns, terrace plantings, rain gardens, native landscaping)., Review and update Code of Ordinances to allow for more green infrastructure and biodiversity-building projects.
Beyond No Mow May, would you like to see the city further similar initiatives in the community such as promoting green infrastructure best practices? Yes
How did you hear about No Mow May? Facebook
Are you interested in encouraging or supporting others to participate in No Mow May and similar initiatives? Yes