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What are your thoughts on proposed ordinances on the use of handheld devices while driving?

Thank you for participating!

More than 60 Texas cities have passed ordinances that regulate the use of mobile devices. Three Options are being considered. From July to November 1st, 2016, the City of Sugar Land has been collecting resident feedback on a potential ordinance on the Use of Handheld Devices while Driving. The potential ordinance options are:

  • Option 1: It is unlawful to use a handheld mobile device for texting or social media while driving, but can be used to make a phone call.
  • Option 2: It is unlawful to use a mobile handheld device while driving that is not in the hands-free mode, unless the vehicle is pulled off the road and not in motion or for making an emergency call.
  • Option 3: Neither, do not see an immediate need for either #1 or #2.

In December, City Staff will present the resident feedback on these three potential ordinance options to the Sugar Land City Council. City Council will consider the feedback and make a recommendation as to which potential ordinance option should be pursued. If City Council recommends either ordinance Option #1 or #2, City Staff will return to Council in the New Year to carry out the passage of an ordinance.

The City of Sugar Land encourages its residents to continue looking at, and the City’s Facebook page for any updates regarding this initiative.