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Scott County hamlets: Expand their land use options?

Should Scott County allow additional/enhanced land use options in the hamlets of Lydia, Marystown, Blakeley, Union Hill, and St. Patrick?

Inspire A Regional Trail Name!

Help us with inspiration for a regional trail name in northern Scott County

Live. Learn. Earn. Housing in Scott County.

Are the housing costs in Scott County affordable?

Resilience Planning and the 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Property values, food and farming, transportation and mobility, household waste... how should Scott County prepare for a changing future?

Live. Learn. Earn. Employment in Scott County.

What kinds of employment opportunities should Scott County help foster?

2040 Comprehensive Plan

How would you like to see the County address concerns related to the following topics?

Moving Forward: TH 13/CR 21 Alternatives

What are your preferred project alternatives for the Trunk Highway 13/County Road 21 project?

Moving Forward: 13/21 Use

Live, work, or play around downtown Prior Lake or the Highway 13/21 intersection? Or do you travel through this area often? We want to know how you use, get to, and move through the corridor.

Moving Forward: TH 13/CH 21 Improvement Priorities

How do you feel about the 13/21 reconstruction project's goals and priorities?

What's your vision for the year 2040?

As the County embarks on its next long-range comprehensive plan, it’s a good time to think about what this place should look like 25 years from now. So what should Scott County look like in the year 2040?

Customer Service hours

If the County's Customer Service area had the capability, with the number of existing staff, to change its hours of operation, which option(s) do you think would be most effective in meeting your needs?

Rural Farmsteads and Wineries: Event and Destination Sites?

Should Scott County allow rural farmsteads and farm wineries to become destinations for large scale weddings and events? If no, tell us why. If yes, what types of restrictions do you support to lessen impact to neighboring landowners and the community at large?

What matters to you?

What does "safe" mean to you? Help Scott County officials know where to focus!

Half Cent Sales Tax

What do you think about Scott County adopting a 1/2 cent sales tax for transportation and transit projects?

What Do You Think About Smoking in Scott County’s Regional Parks?

What Do You Think About Smoking and Tobacco Use in Scott County's Regional Parks?