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2024/25 User Fees

Do you have any feedback on the City's proposed user fee changes?

Building Energy Retrofits

What do you think about the City's proposed policy that would require major residential building renovations to be more energy efficient?

Proposed Pilot Bike Park

Help Inform Ranger Service's Future Expansion of Laguna Lake's Pilot Bike Park

Community Parking Survey

What is your experience with parking in Downtown San Luis Obispo?

Plan de Tránsito de Corto Alcance SLO Transit

¿Cuál es su experiencia con el transporte público?

SLO Transit Short Range Transit Plan

What is your experience with public transit?

Preventing and Addressing Homelessness in the City of SLO

Contribute your feedback to inform the City's homelessness response efforts and initiatives

Park Local Pilot Program Feedback

Help improve the City's Park Local Pilot Program

Plan Estratégico de Diversidad, Equidad, e Inclusión

¿Cuál es su visión del futuro de la Ciudad SLO?

DEI Strategic Plan

What is your vision for SLO's future?

Climate Action Plan: Building Energy Retrofits

What is the best way to achieve San Luis Obispo’s Climate Action Goals related to energy use in existing buildings?

Vista Lago & DeVaul Park Playground Equipment Replacement Projects

Want to provide feedback on upgrades to two San Luis Obispo Parks?

SLOPD Strategic Plan

Help shape the future of the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Emerson Park Amenity Upgrades & Beautification Project

Want to provide feedback on the Emerson Park proposed conceptual layouts?

2023 Economic Development Strategic Plan

What do you think of the City of San Luis Obispo's proposed 2023 Economic Development Strategic Plan?

Orcutt Area & Righetti Ranch Parks

Want to provide feedback on the Orcutt Area/Righetti Ranch Parks proposed park amenities and conceptual layouts?

Access and Parking Management Plan

Want to help make Downtown SLO easier for everyone to access? Provide your feedback on the City's draft of the 2023 Access and Parking Management Plan Update Draft.

Broadband Strategic Plan

Do you have access to high-speed, affordable internet service?

New CDD Director

What is the ideal candidate for the City of San Luis Obispo's Community Development Director?

Housing in SLO - Draft Flexible Density Unit Ordinance Feedback

Do you want to see more housing units in downtown San Luis Obispo?