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What should the City Council consider as the City’s top priorities during the next two years?

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Response Percent Response Count
I live in the City of San Luis Obispo. 79.9% 518
I work in the City of San Luis Obispo. 50.3% 326
I play (recreate, shop, eat, etc.) in the City of San Luis Obispo. 60.5% 392
Other 8.6% 56

What should the City Council consider as the City’s top priorities during the next two years? (Select Your Highest Five Priorities). The following are previous priorities identified by the community (listed in alphabetical order)

Response Percent Response Count
Climate Action (ex: implement the City’s Climate Action Plan for Community Recovery to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for the impacts of climate change, and develop the local green economy) 50.8% 329
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts (ex: focus on activities and initiatives that support marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural groups) 45.2% 293
Downtown Vitality (ex: continue to improve safety and cleanliness, invest in infrastructure and maintenance in the Downtown) 32.6% 211
Economic Stability, Recovery and Resiliency (Current Major City Goal) (ex: continue to implement economic recovery strategies that support local jobs and businesses in response to COVID-19 pandemic) 55.9% 362
Fiscal Sustainability and Responsibility (ex: continue to implement efficiencies, strategic economic development and plans to address unfunded liabilities) 27.6% 179
Homelessness (ex: partner with community-based organizations to implement programs that prevent and support people experiencing homelessness, continue City Community Action Team efforts) 69.0% 447
Housing (ex: facilitate increased production of all housing types designed to be economically accessible to the area workforce and low and very low-income residents) 44.8% 290
Infrastructure Maintenance (ex: maintenance of roads, sidewalks, parks, and other City infrastructure) 32.9% 213
Open Space (ex: preserve and maintain open space and natural areas) 40.4% 262
Public Safety (ex: provide Fire/Police services, response for health emergencies and disaster preparedness) 20.5% 133
Sustainable and Multi-Modal Transportation (ex: enhance accessible transit, bicycle, and pedestrian opportunities) 24.1% 156
Other (ex: playgrounds, youth/senior services, etc.) 14.2% 92
Other (ex: playgrounds, youth/senior services, etc.) 2.0% 13
Other (ex: playgrounds, youth/senior services, etc.) 0.9% 6
Other (ex: playgrounds, youth/senior services, etc.) 0.6% 4
Other (ex: playgrounds, youth/senior services, etc.) 1.5% 10

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