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What do you think about the City's proposed policy that would require major residential building renovations to be more energy efficient?

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Did you view the workshop video provided above?

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What feedback do you have on the proposed policy (including project applicability, compliance measures, and exemptions)?

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April 14, 2024, 12:00 PM
  • Did you view the workshop video provided above?
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  • What feedback do you have on the proposed policy (including project applicability, compliance measures, and exemptions)?

    Sounds reasonable, but the City needs to stay open-minded during the implementation of the policy. Since the City will likely gain additional information indicating the policy needs adjustments. Such as loop-holes, unintended consequences, etc.

    I also like the Pre-Compliance part of the policy for people who have already installed various improvements (such as LED lighting or Heat-pump WH). Should the City also consider credits for people who have already installed solar and/or purchased an EV that reduces their GHG emissions?

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Step 1: Read this:

To help cut greenhouse gas emissions fom energy use in San Luis Obispo, City staff have developed a draft policy for major additions and major alterations to exiting buildings. The proposed policy would:

  • Require major residential additions of 500 or more square feet and major residential alterations affecting 50% of a home’s total floor space to include energy efficiency measures;
  • Offer three compliance pathways for project owners to choose from including installing energy efficiency measures such as attic and pipe insulation, installing a heat pump water heater, or installing a heat pump air heating/cooling system;
  • Require zero-emission readiness via reserved breakers, conduit, and wiring runs, and labeled outlets for future zero-emission appliance upgrades in projects that are electively upgrading their electrical service and electrical panel; and
  • Provide exemptions for projects that are the result of a repair, have previously installed energy efficiency measures, or projects that would be financially or physically infeasible.

Importantly, the proposed policy would not regulate gas cooking equipment or other kitchen equipment or appliances, require electrification, or be triggered by small projects like floorings, window replacement, kitchen upgrades, or single appliance replacements, due to regulatory limitations. 

Step 2: Download and review the presentation slides OR watch the video below. 

Staff presented the proposed policy at two workshops in March of 2024. At these workshops, staff provided an in-depth presentation about the proposed policy. A recorded version of the presentation is available below. Download and review the presentation slides

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