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Open City Hall

Want to learn more about local climate action, how you can participate, and share your input on next steps?

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How do you want to see the City Lead by Example?

Would you go solar? Use less electricity during peak hours? Why or why not?

Would you like to live in an all-electric new building? Why or why not?

Would you replace a gas appliance (water heater, furnace, etc.) with an electric version? If not, what would it take to get you to "yes"?

Would you bike and walk more? Why or why not?

Would you buy a new or used electric car? Why or why not?

Would you ride the bus more? What would make public transit easier to use?

Would you want to live in an affordable housing unit? Why or why not?
*Note: a 2-person household earning less than $105k per year may qualify

Would you compost 100% of your food and yard waste? Why or why not?

Would you volunteer to support an open space restoration project?

Would you plant a tree in your yard? Why or why not?

   Pillar 1: Lead by Example
   Pillar 2: Clean Energy Systems
   Pillar 3: Green Buildings - New Buildings
   Pillar 3: Green Buildings - Existing Buildings
   Pillar 4: Connected Community - Active Transport.
   Pillar 4: Connected Community - Personal Vehicles
   Pillar 4: Connected Community - Public Transit
   Pillar 4: Connected Community - Housing
   Pillar 5: Circular Economy
   Pillar 6: Natural Solutions - Carbon Sequestration
   Pillar 6: Natural Solutions - Tree Planting