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Little Sand Creek Watershed Recreation Plan

Please share your thoughts, questions and any concerns.

Downtown Waterfront Competition Q&A

Competition Questions

Local Option Sales Tax for Parks

Do you a support a new Resort City Local Option Sales Tax (1%) dedicated to improving Sandpoint's parks?

Sandpoint Workforce Housing Assessment

Employers, thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey. Your feedback will help identify needs and help target solutions to improve the availability and affordability of workforce housing in Sandpoint.

Sandpoint Transportation Topic 3: Baldy Extension/US Highway 2 Corridor

Please share your thoughts on the proposed concepts for the Baldy Extension and U.S. Highway 2 Corridor.

Sandpoint Transportation Topic 2 Division Ave & Pedestrian/Bike Networks

What are your thoughts about the recommended solutions to improve the Division Avenue corridor and its safety and the citywide bicycle/pedestrian networks?

Sandpoint Transportation Topic 1: East-West Connectivity

What are your thoughts about the transportation changes proposed to improve east-west connectivity into and through Sandpoint?

Arts, Culture, and Historic Master Plan Goals & Vision

Do you agree with the proposed goals, strategies and vision? Are we missing anything?

Arts, Culture, and Historic Master Plan

Your feedback is vital to the City’s plan for arts, culture, and historic preservation.

Dog Friendly Areas in Sandpoint

Should the City of Sandpoint consider revising its policy about dogs in parks, trails and open space areas and add additional dog friendly areas?

Natural Resources & Related Factors

Natural Resources

Sandpoint Comprehensive Plan Kick-off and Visioning

What is your 20 year vision for Sandpoint? This is our first of several community surveys that will guide our Comprehensive Plan update.

Parks & Recreation Plan - Initial Concepts

Feedback on Sandpoint park site concepts