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Provo City Proposed Budget FY2024

What do you think of Provo City's proposed budget for the next fiscal year?

PLRZ20230073 - North Timpview Neighborhood

What do you think about the request to change the zone from R1.20 to R1.10 for three existing residential properties at 5065-5075 North Canyon Road?

PLOTA20230082 - Citywide

What do you think of the proposed amendment to add "Meeting Halls for Rent" as a new conditional use in the Agricultural zone throughout Provo City?

PLOTA20230103 - Citywide

What do you think of the proposed amendments to sidewalk, street, and parking regulations throughout Provo City?

Let me speak to the Council - June 2023

What would you like to say to the Provo City Council?

PLRZ20220159 - Joaquin Neighborhood

Joaquin Neighborhood - What do you think of the proposed zone change in order to build an apartment building?