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What do you think of these additional applicants for Neighborhood District Executive Boards?

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Grant Skabelund inside City Boundary

January 10, 2023, 8:07 AM

David Knecht inside City Boundary

January 8, 2023, 9:46 AM

R. PAUL EVANS inside City Boundary

January 7, 2023, 11:03 PM

Message from Open City Hall Admin

Because of problems advertising the Neighborhood District Executive Board application and low representation in some Neighborhoods, members of the City Council decided to allow applications that arrived after the December 17th deadline to be considered for the 2023 nominations. Some Provo residents received the utility bill mailer with the application notice after the deadline and a Facebook group posted application information after the deadline (both with a link straight to the application with no notice that the deadline had passed). Also, some Neighborhoods had just one applicant and the City Council wanted at least two applicants per Neighborhood where possible. Members of the City Council felt that it was important to have the best group of applicants to choose from and also felt that they needed to be transparent and to put the names up for public input on Open City Hall.
1. The application deadline was not extended, but rather the City Council decided to include the late applications in their review. Notice of the additional applicants was posted on Open City Hall and Provo City Council’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.
2. Decision to review the late applications was decided in the January 5th Leadership Meeting.
3. The public input came from emails to the City Council. All applications received after the deadline were put on Open City Hall.
4. All late applications were put on Open City Hall. If a District/Neighborhood doesn’t have an applicant listed, it’s because there were no applications from those areas.
5. The website states: “To apply for a seat on the Neighborhood District Executive Board, complete and submit an application here. Application deadline is December 17, 2022 -- but new applications will be kept on file in case of any seat vacancies. The next round of appointments will be in the Fall of 2024.”

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