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What would make the Broadway Corridor (downtown USPS redevelopment) project an inclusive place for all Portlanders?

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Food & Beverages




Sports & Recreation


Pedestrian/Transit Amenities

Sam Galbreath outside Foster 1/2 Mile Corridor
July 30, 2018, 3:39 PM
  • What is your top priority for the Broadway Corridor project?
    No response.
  • What news banner headline would you like to see about the Broadway Corridor area in ten years?

    Audit of the Broadway Corridor to date indicates public investment will be repaid thru increase in property taxes in less than 10 years.

  • Describe your concerns about the Broadway Corridor project.

    Insufficient consideration of urban form and quality of pedestrian experience.

  • Do you think the Broadway Corridor project is a good opportunity for you and your community?
    • Yes
  • Why?
    It should assure that Portland's central city remains healthy, accessable and a beacon of world class urban development.
  • Will you continue to participate in the planning of the Broadway Corridor project?
    • Yes
  • Why?
    Because its success at all levels is immeasurably important to the city, state and region.
  • What best describes your connection to the Broadway Corridor located in the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood? (Check all that apply)
    • I drive through the area
    • I walk through the area
    • I bike in the area
    • I visit the area for food, shopping, or entertainment
    • Other - I have been envolved in Portland's planning and development since 1973
  • Select the top 3 locations
    • Pioneer Courthouse
    • Tom McCall Park
    • Powell's Books
  • Explain why you made these selections.

    Resonate with my values and lifestyle

  • What activities would you like to do in the Broadway Corridor project area that you can't do now in the city? (Types of events, recreational activities, programs, etc.)

    Show off the exceptional integration of housing and services supporting those challenged by economic, mental health and physical disabilities in a vital multi faceted and heterogeneous community of folks who love workin, living and enjoying their free time in a fully integrated place.

  • What will make the public spaces in the Broadway Corridor project area feel comfortable, safe and welcoming to you and your family?

    See above.

  • Play
    • Restore and site the children's sculpture garden that was removed to accommodate the Saturday Market relocation to McCall Park
    • A best of type skateboard park with welcoming seating so all can enjoy
  • Events
    • A multi-ethnic gathering which shares art, dance, music and food at a singular event that encourages cultural interchange in one place at one time.
  • Retail
    • Predominantly locally owned and sourced shops affordable for startups and sustainable for those established
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
    • Buildings, parks and street fixtures which are regionally sourced and manufactured
  • Education
    • AFfordable child care and pre school avaiable to all who live and/or work in the district
    • Access to excellent public schools sufficient to meet the needs of all school aged children living in the district
    • A variety of private speciality schools (and charter schools) that make this the most attractive neighborhood in the city for families with children.
  • Arts & Culture
    • Existing arts and cultural institutions given priority for space to meet their growth demands
  • Social Services
    • Adequate to serve those in need within well designed, fully funded facilities
    • Adequate to assure that no one sleeps anywhere except where appropriate facilities with services are provided
  • Incubator Spaces
    • As needed...the market will respond as like it has with the exceptional We Work space in the Customs House
  • Food & Beverages
    • The market will provide in the context of the vital sTreet life previously mentioned.
  • Greenery
    • Linked green spaces with clear and accessable access as with the three wonderful parks in the Pearl
    • Streets to be generously greenscaped
    • Pedestrian only rights of way so that all important features linked independent of vehicles
  • Sports & Recreation
    • See schools
  • Pedestrian/Transit Amenities
    • See above
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Broadway Corridor Visioning

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