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Alpharetta Bike Route Plan

What are your feelings on the proposed future placement of bike paths?

Revised City Center Plan (June 2012)

What are your thoughts and impressions of the refined site plan for the Alpharetta City Center Project as released June 2012?

Is the City of Alpharetta doing a good job in terms of public safety?

What do you see or hear that tells you if the City of Alpharetta is doing a good or bad job of delivering public safety services?

Is Alpharetta a safe community?

Do you feel that Alpharetta is a safe community in which to live, work, and play?

How do you know if Alpharetta is a safe community?

What information would you find most helpful in determining if the City of Alpharetta is a safe community in which to live, work, and play?

Improving Communications

How can the City of Alpharetta better communicate with you?

Lacking in Transportation

Looking at the transportation system as a whole, what do you think is most lacking?

SR 9/ Main Street Widening

Are you in favor of the project as currently envisioned by GDOT?

Public Transit

Are you in favor of expanding public transit services and options in Alpharetta as part of an overall effort to improve transportation in the area?

Improvement Priorities

What is the highest priority for transportation improvements in the City of Alpharetta?