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Should the City Council refer to the City Manager to develop a comprehensive ordinance governing a Bicycle Lane and Pedestrian Street Improvements Policy?

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Should the Council approve this agenda item?

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Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

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September 16, 2019, 6:58 PM
  • Should the Council approve this agenda item?
    • Yes
  • Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?
    Reporting every 2 years is too infrequent. Every 6-12 months is more appropriate. We have had several bike plans in Berkeley over the last 20 years, but none of them came close to being fully implemented and all of them have been neglected and forgotten. Bicycle Boulevards were supposed to provide bicycle-prioritized routes with safe crossings at major streets-- this Never happened and the effort was neglected and forgotten. More recently in 2017, the CoB worked with citizens to come up with the Berkeley Bicycle Plan 2017, but two years later nothing few parts have been implemented as it appears the city is ignoring the plan again. The City must be held accountable to the promises that it made to improve bike and ped safety.
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