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Should the City Council adopt a Resolution establishing policies that ensure investments and service contracts are with socially responsible entities?

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Should the Council approve this agenda item?

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Yes 91.5% 43
No 4.3% 2
Other/see comments 4.3% 2

Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

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May 20, 2017, 7:33 PM
  • Should the Council approve this agenda item?
    • Other/see comments
  • Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

    I support much of this item. The one thing I'm concerned about is being able to find a bank that hasn't "engaged in supporting, servicing, or constructing fossil fuel infrastructure projects and other environmentally extractive practices" (page 4). I think most (or all) banks have. The other 3 bullet points are great though and should remain part of the policy.

    I hope that the goal of this policy will be to use a local credit union for the City's banking, rather than create our own city bank. I would support Berkeley creating a bank if it were regional though (ie East Bay or Alameda County). But I think there are fine existing credit unions that we could be using and already have the infrastructure in place so the switch away from Wells Fargo could happen much sooner.

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