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How do you get around Mission Valley?

Thank you for participating!

We'd like to thank all of those that have contributed their views on the Climate Action Plan, Transportation element through this forum.

We heard from 196 residents on the forum, 67 registered users and 129 unregistered users. This feedback will be used to inform the development of our transportation plan with the goal of increasing the number of people using alternative modes of transportation around Mission Valley - transit, walking, cycling, etc.

See below for a summary of findings. For more information about the Community Plan Update and to stay up to date about the process, visit the Mission Valley Community Plan Update website. If you have any questions about the online activity or about the Mission Valley Community Plan Update, contact Nancy Graham, Senior Planner for the City of San Diego, at [email protected] or (619) 236-6891.

Who You Are & Vehicle Ownership

Most of our responders lived in either 1 or 2 person households, representing 79.5% of those who provided feedback. 11.3% were part of 3 member households, while 9.2% were in 4 or more member households. The number of people with driver's licenses within each household roughly followed this pattern.

Not surprisingly, 97.4% of households owned at least one vehicle, with 42.6% of households owning 2 and 17.4% owning 3. 17.9% of households have at least one electric, hybrid or CNG vehicle while 69.9% reported having at least one bicycle per household.

Where You Go & How You Get There

Very few respondents - 6.3% - are getting around mostly within Mission Valley. 26.5% are travelling to and from neighboring communities, while 36.5% are travelling within San Diego, beyond those communities.

The majority of respondents - 74.2% - have a commute of less than half an hour.

The majority of respondents - 68.3% - do not live within half a mile of the listed transit stops and 87.8% work in places that are not within half a mile of the listed transit stops.

The majority of respondents - 71.5% - are travelling in vehicles, alone.

Challenges and Incentives to Alternative Transportation

The primary reasons cited for not using alternative transportation were time/convenience and lack of required services or infrastructure to make this feasible.

Only 24.7% of respondents stated that their employers provided incentives for alternative transportation, primarily in the form of transit passes and discounts.

Asked what would help people to use more alternative transportation, better cycling infrastructure and increased transit routes and times were common themes.