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Fire Rescue Services

What are your Fire Rescue Service Priorities and Expectations?

Growing Tamarac’s Vibrant Economy

We've heard you - you want more live-work-play opportunities right here in our City. Help us develop an economic growth strategy that's right for Tamarac!

Shape the conversation at your district's annual meeting

We're bringing City Hall to your neighborhood. Tell us what you'd like to talk about!

Annual neighborhood meeting topics

What kind of information would you like presented at the annual neighborhood meetings?

Land Development Code Rewrite

We're making progress on drafting the updated Land Development Code. You may now review and comment on the second module of the draft Code.

Be part of the art!

The City is planning a sculpture project on Nob Hill Road and this creative project needs a creative name. Enter your suggestion for an opportunity to win!

2016/2017 Community Development Block Grant funds

Please share your thoughts about the recommended use of Community Development Block Grant funds for the fiscal year 2016/2017.

Housing Assistance

The City has drafted its Housing Assistance Plan outlining Tamarac’s housing assistance program for the next three fiscal years. Please review this draft and share your comments.

New Land Development Code Underway

We’re hard at work on our Land Development Code update and want to share our progress with you. Take a look at the first round of proposed changes and let us know what you think.

Annual neighborhood meetings

What kind of information would you like presented at the annual neighborhood meetings?

Message board information

What types of information would you like to see displayed on the new signs with electronic message boards?

Waters Edge Park Amenities

The City of Tamarac plans to begin designing the new Waters Edge Park in 2017. What amenities would you like to see in this park?

Building a Better Tomorrow by Updating City's Land Development Code

The assessment report has arrived! Review the recommendations and share your thoughts.

Better regulations, better development, better Tamarac

Tell us what you believe are the biggest strengths and weaknesses in Tamarac's zoning and land development regulations

Better regulations, better developments, better Tamarac

What is important for high-quality development in our City? What changes are needed in our land development regulations to better enable us to revitalize the community? Share your thoughts or concerns by commenting on as many or as few questions as you like.

Priorities and areas for improvement over the next 5 years

What are the two primary service areas you'd like us to focus on over the next five years? Please list specific projects or improvements you'd like to see for each of your selected priority areas.

New City of Tamarac Mobile App

What features and content would you like to see on the new City of Tamarac mobile app?

Name That App

Suggest a name for our new City of Tamarac mobile app

Get involved in your City's Strategic Planning!

Help plan Tamarac’s future, just answer three simple questions.