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What types of information would you like to see displayed on the new signs with electronic message boards?

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sign info

Rob Alfonso inside Tamarac
September 4, 2015, 7:52 AM

weather and local news.


Deborah San Antonio almost 9 years ago

Would like to see advanced notice of upcoming Tamarac events;
When hurricanes are headed our way: where/how to get help info, plus locations of shelters.


Donald Ten almost 9 years ago

Beside normal event posting, it will be great if those signs have sensors to tell people to stop driving like maniacs on 40 and 45mph zones. That being said, it will be great to post reminder to drivers to slow down, buckle up and drive safe.


Kathleen Cowall almost 9 years ago

Do NOT include safe driving tips. They are too distracting to a driver, especially when inattentive kids may be around . Info on upcoming events, which I can ignore as driver & can read when I am passenger.


Name not available almost 9 years ago

Would like to see Upcoming Events and Hurricane information.
Also when there is a Water Alert. Last time I didn't know water was unsafe to drink until it heard on the news 3 days later that it was fixed and safe to drink. Good thing I was drinking bottled water.
Not interested in safe driving. Distracting, and no one pays attention anyway.


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