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Do you have ideas to share regarding the draft land use plan for the SEADIP Specific Plan?

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What do you like about this plan?


Are there any land uses that you would change?

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March 30, 2015, 3:49 PM
  • What do you like about this plan?
    I like the Open Space and Recreation, Residential and Comml Neighborhood Retail - said to be lower scale, 35' height limit I presume
  • Are there any land uses that you would change?
    The height limit throughout SEADIP should be 35' or 3 stories. Not acceptable is 5-7 stories, which would change the whole dynamic of the area, cause huge traffic problems, impact sailing, negatively impact the wetlands, birds, animals, etc. The industrial area should be progessively phased out.
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Draft Land Use Plan

Based on community input, this draft plan preserves SEADIP's established residential neighborhoods, wetland areas and natural resources and existing neighborhood commercial uses and open spaces. The map also inculdes a new designation that incorporates coastal wetland habitat and allow for recreational areas near the channel. Additionally, new mixed-use designations add flexibility to the types of uses that are allowed in the heart of SEADIP to create the distinctive, walkable and active place that has been enviseioned by the community. Please reference the annotated Draft Land Use Plan when answering the questions below.  For a comparison of acreage between the draft plan and  the 1977 SEADIP plan click here.

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