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New Vision Statement available for Southeast Long Beach

We are excited to share with you the new Vision Statement for Southeast Long Beach!

The vision was created as a result of the public input we received in our community workshops, online through Long Beach Town Hall, and as refined by the 22 member Community Advisory Committee.

We will be using this vision to guide the creation of new land use concepts for SEADIP and as a foundation for the new Specific Plan.

The statement below reflects a vision of Southeast Long Beach as described 50 years from now:

Southeast Long Beach is a livable, thriving, ecologically diverse and sustainable coastal gateway and destination in the City and Southern California region.  

Southeast Long Beach is an attractive, active, and important gateway and destination in the City of Long Beach and Southern California region. People enjoy living, working and visiting here because of the diversity of uses in close proximity to one another. Our established residential neighborhoods continue to anchor the area and are complimented by businesses, restaurants, hospitality uses and recreational amenities that are frequent destinations for locals and visitors. We have developed connections to our local medical facilities and educational institutions; both provide significant resources to our area that positively contribute to our sense of community. The energy providers operating in the area have upgraded their facilities and seek to use the most current technologies available.

Our wetlands and local costal habitat are thriving due to the ongoing efforts of the community and City to restore, maintain and preserve our natural resources. Combined, the wetlands, San Gabriel River, marina and access to the ocean contribute considerably to the livability and character of the area.  We have protected and encouraged views to these areas and the mountains in the distance; creating a landscape that cannot be found anywhere else.

Southeast Long Beach is clearly defined by attractive streetscapes that create an immediate impression that you have arrived someplace special. Bike lanes and pedestrian walkways are carefully integrated in our safe and efficient network of roadways, and along with our transit system, provide attractive alternatives to the car in this active area of town.

Buildings are designed at a scale and with a form that allows for variety in the appearance of the streetscape, encourages the pedestrian environment and creates central gathering areas to generate lively spaces. Great care has also been taken to implement thoughtful and carefully designed transitions between urbanized areas and natural areas and waterways so they are complimentary of one another.