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Should the dog park at Bayville Farms Park follow the current design standard of one area for all dogs, or would you prefer separate areas for large and small dogs?

Thank you for participating!

New dog park now open


Construction has been completed and the brand new dog park at Bayville Farms Park (located at 4132 First Court Road) is now open to the public. It consists of a one-acre fenced area where dogs can run free from their leashes; however, this newest dog park is the city's first to provide separate areas to accommodate both large and small dogs.

In order to use any city park, owners must pay an annual on-site registration fee of $15 for one dog and an additional $10 fee for each additional dog. Owners must also provide proof of license and documented expiration date of dog's rabies vaccination upon registration. Please visit the park office located by the tennis courts to register for the Bayville Farms dog park. 



Thank you for providing your valuable feedback about the dog park at Bayville Farms Park. The Department of Parks & Recreation wishes to provide an update on the project and its current status.

 The Department has moved forward with approved design and construction for this project using identified Capital Improvement Program funding. The dog park at Bayville Farms Park will feature separate areas to accommodate both large and small dogs; fencing and benches will also be installed. The proposed water service for pet fountains will not be immediately included in this initial phase of construction; it will be featured in the next phase, the timeline of which has not yet been determined. The proposed shade structures were eliminated as part of the design due to the consideration of well-placed tree canopy serving this shading purpose.  

Anticipated opening of the new Bayville Farms Dog Park is scheduled for late Spring 2014.



The Department of Parks and Recreation will begin the preliminary design and associated cost estimates for a dog park at Bayville Farms Park. Based on citizen feedback, we will strive to provide separate areas to accommodate both large and small dogs, as well as associated amenities, including: water service for pet fountains, fencing, shade structures and benches. The department will work to identify funding for the project within its upcoming FY 2013-14 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Funding Plan, and if so identified, the target date for completion and opening of the dog park would be Spring 2014.  Follow-up information will be included on the Bayville Farms Park webpage.

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Commission