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Powhatan Skatepark Renovation/Design Concepts

53 responses on forum

Which concept do you prefer?

Response Percent Response Count
Concept A 13.2% 7
Concept B 54.7% 29
Concept C 32.1% 17

What do you like most about your preferred concept?


What would you change from your preferred concept?

Name not shown more than 2 miles
October 3, 2015, 9:03 PM
  • Which concept do you prefer?
    • Concept C
  • What do you like most about your preferred concept?

    Street area that looks easier to navigate when the park is crowded. Mini bowl

  • What would you change from your preferred concept?

    shrink the pro bowl to something like a kidney. Get rid of colored concrete.
    Team Pain have plenty of good examples of smaller bowls that look challenging and aren't 2 million dollars worth of giant concrete- Loveland, Broomfield, the small triangle at Breckenridge, the Kona pool. Shrink the pro bowl to a kidney-like feature and either save money or add an additional feature in the available space.

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