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What uses would you like to have in the pop-up park located in Clarendon?

Thank you for participating!

The County received a great response to the online survey and the public outreach events for the Clarendon-Barton Pop-Up Park!  People were very excited to learn that the County is planning to turn the vacant lot at the corner of Clarendon Boulevard and Barton Street into a public park.  The County heard from over 200 online survey participants and from over 180 people at five outreach events in August. 

Many people who responded to the survey wanted more green space in the park, so additional lawn area will be added to the park along with an attractive landscape of plants and trees.  Four entrances into the park will lead to an inner area where there will be tables for eating or playing games and other types of seating for people to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  For people who want to be more active, there will be a multi-use recreation area to use for a variety of outdoor, small scale games.  Because the County is leasing the property for two or more years, the County will use building materials on hand to save on construction costs and will purchase park furnishings which can be transferred to another park in the future. 

When the park is built, nearby residents, office workers and other passersby will be able to sit, picnic, socialize, play a game, spend time reading or simply take a minute or two to enjoy the gardens.  

Thank you for your taking the time to provide your comments.  We look forward to seeing you at the new Pop-Up park!         

Parks & Rec. Department Staff