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Input Topic: Ashman & Rodd Two-Way Conversion

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Other Service Impacts

City Hall said about 1 year ago:

Impacts on Other Services in the Corridor

Ashman and Rodd Streets are home to many key services and destinations for Midlanders. While these services are not managed nor provided by the City of Midland , we understand that some residents may be concerned with how access to these amenities could change if a two-way conversion were implemented. 

For reference: The photo to the right shows a possible design rendering of Rodd Street at Reardon Street near Central Park Elementary. This is not a final design, but is provided to give some context to what a potential conversion could look like. (You can find this rendering and others in larger PDF form here.)

  • Postal Service drop boxes: The Midland post office currently offers curbside drop boxes on Rodd Street across from its location. In the event a conversion is implemented, the City will coordinate with the US Postal Service to find new locations that provide for drive-up drop off service.
  • Access to Central Park Elementary School: Midland Public Schools will evaluate any changes to school bus routes within the area and make needed adjustments to bus routes and schedules for all students that would be impacted should a conversion be implemented. Access to and from Central Park Elementary School are anticipated to be made available from either direction on Rodd Street should a conversion be implemented.

Based on the information provided above, please provide any comments or concerns relevant to impact on other services located within the Ashman and Rodd corridors only.


Shelley Hobbs about 1 year ago

I am confident that any business impacted by converting streets to two-way will do so in an acceptable manner.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

As long as changes make it just as easy or easier for people who need to make a change, I am OK with it.


paul ormiston about 1 year ago

"Other services" could include Police, Fire or Ambulance response. It seems to me that emergency response time would only be reduced by making the change.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

Agreed. Easier access to the post office would also be nice.


Jerry Crane about 1 year ago

Spend OUR money on a new Farmer’s Market instead of converting one way streets to two way streets and forcing people to get sump pumps


Ann Beck about 1 year ago

I think this would make it much easier to get to any of the businesses on Ashman & Rodd. Instead of having to go down an block and turn around to get back to where you wanted to be.


David Adams about 1 year ago

Sounds like a hot mess we did not ask for!.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

I agree, it seems like it would make it easier to get to businesses.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

Changing then into two ways would make it worse, harder left hand turns, more traffic signals, harder right hand turns onto those streets, right now there’s consistent flow. Not to mention you would be putting Central Park kids at risk, also all the drive ways, parking lots, and other roads were designed around the one ways. Not to fail in mentioning, those are the only two faster roads that connects what they do. The conversion would cause more traffic issues than solve them I feel. I’d rather see money spent on fixing our current roads, adding more roads in areas that might be overly populated with traffic, and maybe adding another fire station, bring more housing, and lastly I would love the money to be used in ways to bring more tourists in, changing current roads won’t do that.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

This feels like a waste of money on perfectly functional roads when we could be using it to repair ones that are not.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

** Post office - this is a VERY EASY post office to get to. The one way through the parking lot works well, as does the one way to use the outside mailboxes. Absolutely No need to change this. You can also park on the street next to the post office for easy in and out.
** Central Park Elementary -Two ways would Double the number of conflict points, resulting in a more dangerous area for the children. I have had crossing guards express their concern about the potential change.
** You did not discuss the Ashman & Saginaw corner. Lots of businesses there, as well as a small park that is utilized in the summer. How will you change that?
** Downtown - Ashman (popular businesses, lots of cars & pedestrians, 'adult beverages' served at the restaurants) - two way AND parking? That layout is asking for lots of accidents and danger, even if there are 'slower speeds'.
** Downtown Rodd - if the bathroom is installed on McDonald, how will that affect the downtown streets? Has this been taken into consideration?


Name not shown about 1 year ago

City Staff: The community asks you to please review every statement in every 'category', even if they do not exactly pertain to the specific category. If necessary, you can move the 'generic' comments to a separate area and review them as a whole. PLEASE do not ignore any comments!


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