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Input Topic: Ashman & Rodd Two-Way Conversion

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City Service Impacts

City Hall said about 1 year ago:

Impact on City Services

As with any other potential infrastructure change, City departments have reviewed the potential conversion of Ashman and Rodd to two-way traffic to determine what, if any, impact a change would have on their service offerings to the community. The following impacts were noted:

  • Midland Police Department and Midland Fire Department are supportive of a conversion to two-way traffic, as this provides easier and more direct access for first responders to properties on the Ashman and Rodd corridors.
  • The City's Department of Public Services (DPS) has determined that two-way traffic flow on these streets will provide more efficient delivery of services such as collection services (refuse, recycling, heavy item collection, etc.), snow plowing, and street sweeping. Collection days and priority of service for residents along the Ashman and Rodd corridors will remain the same.

Based on the information provided above, please provide any comments or concerns relevant to impact on City services only.


Shelley Hobbs about 1 year ago

Anyone who lives or visits Midland understands that changing the streets to two-way will be an improvement. And less confusion.


Jerry Crane about 1 year ago

Spend OUR money on a new Farmer’s Market instead of converting one way streets to two way streets and forcing people to get sump pumps


Ann Beck about 1 year ago

I like the ability for City Services to have better access as well as Police and Fire. This just makes sense. I think it will make it easier for new citizens and visitors to get around both Center City and Downtown.


David Adams about 1 year ago

Anyone in Midland?. As someone who lives between the One Ways, I am against this proposed change. I would like to see the data that shows us the savings that we are getting. This makes about as much sense as making Indian and Buttles Two Way traffic. I do not see people adapting well to this change and the consequences that follow.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

Changing this to a 2-way does seem like it would make things more efficient for City Services and also bussing. I support a change to 2-way.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

We do love our Police and Fire departments. However, they are good Team Players and will agree with what the City staff wants. It sure seems like the huge fire engines would have an easier time going down the current one-way with three lanes, rather than having to avoid two-way traffic and cars parking on the sides. Was this request initiated by the Fire Dept? Per City records, the average response time for ambulances & fire engines is five minutes. They are doing a great job throughout the city, and this massive change would not decrease their incredible response time.
Also, we love our DPS and they do a great job. However, the distance is less than 1.5 mile on both streets, so I cannot believe that it would be a big change in the 'efficiency' of the collection schedules. (BTW, did you count how many houses or businesses would be impacted by the change, and have data to support your claim of increased efficiency? By how much?) Again, good Team Players, who are doing an excellent job on the current format. Did they initiate this change?


Name not shown about 1 year ago

City Staff: The community asks you to please review every statement in every 'category', even if they do not exactly pertain to the specific category. If necessary, you can move the 'generic' comments to a separate area and review them as a whole. PLEASE do not ignore any comments!


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