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Input Topic: Ashman & Rodd Two-Way Conversion

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Economic Development

City Hall said about 1 year ago:

Economic Development

As Ashman and Rodd Streets are key thoroughfares connecting the City's two business districts, Downtown and Center City, and intersect with the Midtown area, these streets play a pivotal role in the economic vitality of our community. Both the Center City Authority and Downtown Development Authority have considered the positive impact a two-way traffic profile on Ashman and Rodd Streets would have on their business districts. Click the links for more information on these boards' previous considerations of an Ashman and Rodd conversion to two-way traffic.

How a two-way street improves economic opportunities:

  • Increases visibility for businesses and service providers located along the corridor
  • Provides better, more direct access to businesses and service providers located along the corridor
  • Improves navigability for visitors trying to find a location
  • Can make an area more attractive for residential and commercial investment 

For reference: The photo to the right shows a possible design rendering of Ashman Street at Main Street in Downtown Midland. This is not a final design, but is provided to give some context to what a potential conversion could look like. (You can find this rendering and others in larger PDF form here.)

Based on the information provided to you above, please provide any comments or concerns you have related to economic development only.


Shelley Hobbs about 1 year ago

It would be a win-win situation!


Name not shown about 1 year ago

The number of times I've seen people turning southbound onto Rodd from Saginaw and having to u-turn at the bagel shop, well let's just say it's been a non zero number and I avoid that area if possible. I've also had confused road ragers who didn't realize it changes to one way, then try to make a left turn into me from the right lane, all while yelling that I was driving on the wrong side of the road. Been here for 10 years and I avoid this area and businesses because of other drivers on those one ways.


Jerry Crane about 1 year ago

Spend OUR money on a new Farmer’s Market instead of converting one way streets to two way streets and forcing people to get sump pumps


Name not shown about 1 year ago

Looking at the renderings of possible intersection layouts, I note that not a single intersection is designed for effective safe traffic flow with a roundabout. More stop lights, more stop signs... It would make more sense to me to eliminate Buttles, make Indian two-way, low traffic to 25-30 ...


Ann Beck about 1 year ago

I think this is the main reason to change the roads to 2 way traffic. People avoid the area and this would make it more accessible.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

How will signage allotments be handled given that large investments were made to capture the attention of traffic heading one way and now they will be coming from both directions (i.e. less eyes seeing the current signage)?


Name not shown about 1 year ago

It is bizarre we have two 'raceway' streets that seem to want to flow traffic around and through downtown as quickly as possible rather than guiding people to downtown and enticing them to stay. I used to work downtown and not just daily, but sometimes hourly, people constantly were driving the wrong way down the one-way streets. I would imagine the businesses along that part of Ashman would prefer two-way streets to have traffic toward their businesses from both directions.


Tim Priddy about 1 year ago

It is not the right of business owners to destroy traffic patterns that WILL NOT increase your profit margin. You people are grasping at straws now in order to try to save your failing brick and mortar business models.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

If the benefits to safety, improved traffic flow and economic development surpass cost of change, let's get it done.


David Dziedzic about 1 year ago

Agreed - if the data supports the change, then change it.


Ann Cox about 1 year ago

I think the money could be better spent.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

Born and raised here, 63 years now. Used to work on Main Street when they had businesses that were worth going to. Worked in Midland for over 40 years, spent my money here, loved raising a family here. Not anymore. I spend my grocery, gas, entertainment and discretionary cash elsewhere. Current city leaders care about one thing, Main Street (Dow’s personal little playground) and trying to make Midland something it’s not. What made Midland great was it was Midland. Quit trying to make it someplace else. And before I hear “gotta change with the times” well that’s great to a point. City leaders no longer care about life long residents opinions and cater to people who have been here less than 20 years or are not even here yet. I used to admire retirees like my grandfather who would meet his old work buddies in town a couple times a week for coffee on Main Street. The two places that come to mind are long long gone and there is no place like them in this town anymore. City streets in neighborhoods are falling apart. Bring this up to city leaders and they say “if you don’t like it leave”. That’s a fact, that’s exactly what she said to me (omitting name but she knows who she is) After this ramble all that’s left to say is they are going to do it already. They seek input on things they have already decided. Like taking Buttles to two lanes. They’ve made up their minds. If we don’t like it, we’re to leave. Nuff said.


Name not shown about 1 year ago

Is this being done just for the businesses in the Live Oak block? Or downtown? There are a lot more neighborhoods and businesses in Midland that could use some help. These two areas (& Saginaw Rd) are getting lots of taxpayer money. I believe the same leaders of Center City & DDA are the main drivers for this change. "Data supports it" - perhaps in other cities, but there is no proof that it will make a difference in Midland. Change for Change's sake. "Flavor of the month" changes.
Personally, I have not seen folks driving the wrong way on the one-way. I also have not witnessed speeders on Ashman or Rodd. If that is an issue, there are many ways to enforce speed laws: More lights, Radar traps, periodically post a police officer, speed bumps, electronic Speed Check signs, etc.

I have recently been to several cities with one-way streets; Ann Arbor, Port Huron, St Louis, etc. No problem navigating

You say we are trying to get more 'young people' to move to Midland. I can guarantee that no one moves to or leaves Midland because of one-way streets. As a different commenter said: "What made Midland great was it was Midland. Quit trying to make it someplace else."


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