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About Open Humboldt

Join the discussion. County officials will consider all input in their decision process. READ MORE

Library Priorities

What are your priorities for services at the Library Take the survey

Climate Action Plan

Help establish Humboldt County's Climate Action Plan priorities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Share your priorities

Interactive Budget

Let us know what you think about the County's new interactive budget tool, "Open Budget". Share your thoughts
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Open Topics

AJCC MOU Workgroup

Please answer your availability to meet - Yes/No/Maybe - for each day/time.

Sea Level Rise in the Humboldt Bay Region

Is regional coordination the best way to address the impacts of Sea Level Rise locally?

Humboldt County COVID-19 Outreach

What questions do you have about COVID-19 and the county's response to this emergency?

Humboldt County Library Community Survey

What are your priorities for services at the Library?

Garberville Complete Streets Project

What do you think about the different pieces of the proposed Garberville Complete Streets Project?

Strategic Plan

Help Humboldt County set its priorities for the coming years

New Open Budget Tool

What are your thoughts on the county's Open Budget transparency tool?