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Is regional coordination the best way to address the impacts of Sea Level Rise locally?

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Emmanuel Herrera inside district 1
June 8, 2021, 9:58 AM
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According to the California Ocean Protection Council, Humboldt Bay could experience approximately 1-3 feet of sea level rise by the year 2060. The color-coded shaded areas of this map represent locations within the six hydrologic units on Humboldt Bay (tidally influenced drainage areas that include Arcata Bay, Mad River Slough, Eureka Slough, Eureka Bay, Elk River Slough, and South Bay) that could potentially be flooded with 3 feet of sea level rise under current Humboldt Bay shoreline conditions.  

Arcata Bay (orange)
Mad River Slough (blue)
Eureka Slough (red)
Eureka Bay (green)
Elk River Slough (yellow)
South Bay (purple)
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