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Growth Idea Survey - Spanish

¿Qué le parecieron las seis ideas de crecimiento que se presentaron durante el seminario web?

Regional Plan Webinar Survey

What did you think of the six growth ideas that were presented during the webinar?

TAG Meeting 4 - Video Feedback

Share your thoughts on the Fourth TAG meeting.

Greater Observatory Mesa Area Community Trail Plan Drafting.

City Seeking Community Input on the Revised Greater Observatory Mesa Area Trail Plan.

Scenario Planning Growth Principle Prioritization

What growth principles should be prioritized in the Regional Plan growth scenarios?

Switzer Canyon Roundabout Survey for Public Art

Beautification, Arts and Sciences public art project at Switzer Canyon.

TAG Meeting 2 - Video Feedback

Share what you think about the second Regional Plan Technical Advisory Group meeting.

MetroPlan Safety Survey #1

Concerned about traffic safety?

La Plaza Vieja Character Overlay

What design standards should be included in the La Plaza Vieja character overlay?

Cosmic Ray tunnel naming

Do you support naming the Sheep Crossing FUTS tunnel at I-17 for Cosmic Ray?

S. Lone Tree Rd. Planning & Environmental Linkages Study

Please give us your feedback on the needs within the S. Lone Tree Corridor. It will help us identify potential environmental issues and their mitigations

Stride Forward On-line Survey #3

What should we do? What will you do? Addressing climate action through transportation.

Thorpe Park Annex Design Concepts

Share your opinion on three design concepts for the Thorpe Park Annex.

Greater Observatory Mesa Trail Plan Draft - Stage One

The City of Flagstaff is revising the public input process for the Greater Observatory Mesa Draft Trail Plan. This survey is temporarily closed and previously announced public meetings will be rescheduled to a later date.

Separated bike lane pilot project survey

Community thoughts and experiences | Beaver and Butler separated bike lane pilot project

Regional Plan 2045 Visioning Survey

Regional Plan 2045 Visioning Survey

Stride Forward On-line Survey #2

Tell us more! Let's take a deep dive into your travels about town.

Property Care Ordinance Survey

Property Care Ordinance Survey

Stride Forward On-line Survey #1

Tell us about how you move around the region and why!