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If you are a NAU student and live near Route 10, we want to know if you ride the bus.

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33 registered responses

Are you a NAU student?

Response Percent Response Count
Yes (continue to Question 2) 97.0% 32
No (Thank you for your time) 3.0% 1

Where do you live?

Response Percent Response Count
The Jack 15.6% 5
Woodlands Village 6.3% 2
Highlands Village 3.1% 1
Skyview 6.3% 2
Fremont Station 6.3% 2
The Arbors 3.1% 1
Woodcrest 3.1% 1
Other 56.3% 18

Have you ever ridden Mountain Line Route 10?

Response Percent Response Count
Never (Go to Question 4) 21.9% 7
Yes, prior to last year (Go to Question 7) 12.5% 4
Yes, within the last year (Go to Question 7) 6.3% 2
Yes, within the last 30 days (Go to Question 7) 59.4% 19

Are you aware that Route 10 is free for NAU students?

Response Percent Response Count
Yes 85.7% 6
No 14.3% 1

Why don't you use Route 10? (check all that apply)

Response Percent Response Count
Service does not start early enough in the morning. 14.3% 1
Prefer to drive my own vehicle. 57.1% 4
I need my car during the day. 14.3% 1
Service information is too confusing/ not easy to understand. 14.3% 1
Prefer using bike or other mobility device. 28.6% 2
Other 57.1% 4

Overall, which of the following statements do you think best describes your use of Route 10 buses? (select only one)

Response Percent Response Count
I use the bus every once in a while. 14.3% 1
The only circumstances under which I might use the bus would be something unforeseeable, such as gasoline shortage or being without a car. 28.6% 2
I might consider using the bus if I had access to more information such as videos or classes on how to ride. 57.1% 4

Are there any circumstances which could motivate you to use Route 10 more often? (check all that apply)

Response Percent Response Count
More frequent service (buses come more often). 46.9% 15
Earlier morning bus service. 12.5% 4
Later evening bus service. 40.6% 13
Improved bus stop conditions (more seatings, shelters, signage, etc.). 15.6% 5
Significant increase in price of gasoline. 15.6% 5
If classes or videos were offered on how to ride. 6.3% 2
I would only ride the bus if I lost my vehicle or license. 3.1% 1
Having a bus stop closer to where you live. 46.9% 15
Other 9.4% 3

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