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Downtown Library Plaza Re-Design Input Opportunity

Thank you for participating!

Thank you to the 176 people who participated in the survey! We received helpful feedback from you. As a reminder, this project is to bring the library entry (for the library on Aspen Avenue) up to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance, and the entire entry plaza must be re-configured to meet slope requirements for ramps. We also want to remind the public this project is funded through Bed, Board and Beverage (BBB) tax funds for Art, Science and Beautification projects: these funds cannot be diverted to other purposes by ordinance and confirmed by Flagstaff voters. This means the project includes an art component and aesthetics as strong elements.

Some key themes from the feedback include:

Creating something inspiring, something evocative

Central community space for research, education, learning and inspiration

The library as a bank of knowledge, inspiration, and escape

A great source of pleasure, and connectivity

A moment for my kids to stop and interact with some beautiful, interesting

In harmony with community and nature

Integrate our greatest treasures, our natural environment, our science community and the great history we have.

In which all differently abled people can experience and use the entry inclusively

To further illustrate the feedback, her is a graph showing what participants selected for one creative question: