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Updating the City of Cupertino Ethics Policy

Help the City of Cupertino Update Its Ethics Policy

2023 Community Budget Survey

2023 Community Budget Survey

Resident Budget Survey

What are your City budget priorities?

Via Cupertino Relaunch

Would you ride Via-Cupertino if it relaunches in October?

Junipero Serra Trail Conceptual Design Survey

What thoughts do you have about the Junipero Serra Trail?

Athletic Fields: Sunday Use and Rest Period Survey

Let the City of Cupertino know what you think about potential updates to the Athletic Field Use Policy regarding Sunday use and annual field closures.

SR2S Survey: Role of Enforcement

Should enforcement be part of Cupertino's Safe Routes to School program?

Creekside and Varian Playground Themes

Let the City of Cupertino know what theme you prefer for new playground structures at Varian Park and Creekside Park.

Smokefree Areas

Provide your input on the possibility of expanding the City of Cupertino's smoking ordinance.

Residential Garbage, Recycling, and Organics Collection Chinese Survey


Commercial Garbage, Recycling, and Organics Collection Chinese Survey

特許加盟協議 商用和多單元物業經理調查

Residential Garbage, Recycling, and Organics Collection Survey

This survey is an opportunity for Cupertino residents to provide input about garbage and recycling services and possible rate increases.

Cupertino Green Volunteers Interest Survey

Give us your thoughts on "Green Volunteer" opportunities.

Civic Center Parking Survey

How do you travel to and from Cupertino Civic Center?

Healthy Cities Initiative: Tobacco Policies Survey

Do you support or oppose a policy prohibiting the sale of vaping/e-cigarette products in Cupertino? Take this short survey and let us know.

Healthy Cities Initiative: Tobacco Policies Survey

The City of Cupertino is considering tobacco policies and seeking public input on this initiative.

Cupertino Transportation Survey

Please take this survey to help the City better understand your commute patterns.

Proposed Dog Off-Leash Area Trial Period

Give us your feedback on a proposed 10-month trial off-leash dog area.

Budget and Bites - Balance the Budget - In-person Version

Balance the Budget