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Name not shown November 7, 2020, 5:13 PM

Please explain why there appears to be no pride in Clearlake? The code enforcement is abysmal. the weeds and overgrown lawns are ugly. The cars growing tress through them are not art. This could be such an awesome town. If you want to attract retirees, then make it look safe, make it be safe, and make it clean. I bought here 3 years ago and am about ready to hang in the towel!

Chris Taliaferro September 3, 2020, 2:29 PM

Clearlake City Council,

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for the work that is being done by the city employees in the area of Acacia and East Lake Drive. I ask that a yes vote be in support of purchasing 2,040 lineal feet of used K-Rail Concrete Barrier for this area. Small changes become bigger changes, and this is a good step in cleaning up our city.

Thank you for your time. Chris Taliaferro

Jessica Taliaferro September 3, 2020, 1:43 PM

To the Clearlake City Council,
I am in support of purchasing 2,040 lineal feet of used K-Rail Concrete Barrier to stop the dumping, and living in the area, and fire danger in the area of Acacia and East Lake Drive. Please vote yes on this tonight. As you know, many of my neighbors visited the City Council meeting in March of 2020 and voiced our concerns. This week we have noticed city employees working to clean up this area and we really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, Jessica Taliaferro
Resident in the area of Eastlake Drive

Terry Stewart September 2, 2020, 6:37 AM

My thoughts on more C-4 zoning, and more marijuana permits: I have no problem with more C-4 zoning, as long as it is east of Highway 53. I do have a problem with more marijuana permits. For now 12 is plenty. Since 9 of them are taken, but inactive, we should give those permit holders 60 day notice to move ahead or lose their permit. It should be a part of the permit process that an accepted applicant has one year to move ahead with their operation or lose their permit and any fees already paid. At this time it makes no sense to increase the number of permits, while the majority of them are inactive. Let's say we double them, so some new (hopefully active) business operations show up....then as time passes, the inactive permits come alive, suddenly we have a whole lot of activity going on that is still illegal at the federal level.

Dylan Hongola August 21, 2020, 3:30 PM

I do want to say that these revised codes for animals sound much better than before, I must ask if consideration has been given to owning chickens in medium residential? It is currently allowed and most city lots are big enough to accomodate the space requirements. I know many people already have chickens in this area and it doesnt seem to be a problem, myself included an I own a third of an acre. My chickens are well cared for and dont bother anyone, in fact when we have a surplus of eggs I give them to my elderly neighbor.

Craig K. Murray August 19, 2020, 6:14 PM

Mayor/Members of City Council: I serve on local board in my home County and we have concurrent meetings. I may not be able to attend virtually, personally but providing a copy of my email to you from yesterday. Craig K. Murray
(August 19, 2020 email and Statement for August 20, 2020)
Mayor Russ Cremer
Members of City Council

RE: Code Enforcement Case CE20-1586, Notice of Violation Order to Abate Public Nuisance

I wanted to Thank Mayor Cremer for taking the time this afternoon to speak with me about Clearlake and listen to my efforts to improve the subject property and to work with the City.
I have a 10x20 Storage Box on my property that the City wants moved as well as clearing overgrown vegetation relative to the surrounding area.
I am looking to City Council for guidance and relief on this Code Case so I can use the storage box to continue to improve the property and harden the soft ground with some rains in the fall and winter to then remove it as necessary.

Shortly after I purchased and moved a 10x20 strong, heavy, secure storage box on my property last month I received the City Notice to Abate the vegetation and remove the container storage box.
I intend to store tools, wheelbarrow, fence materials (galvanized poles, bags of cement) and like with intent to protect myself from vandalism and theft.
If the box is a Public Nuisance, I have offered to Screen the box and let City place own locks if need to spot check storage of materials or its use.
I fully intend to cooperate with the City and also want to see my property improved as well as the area.
It is burdensome for me to trek through the current, existing soft ground and bring in materials, tools daily in order to perform vegetation clearance activities (running a Chipper, enhancing soft dirt with more fibrous wood chips and like work) and soon with weekend work secure my lot with a perimeter fence and materials and tools I need at hand. I have purchased building materials locally in Clearlake and hired neighbor, local gardener to assist me in vegetation clearance, route into the lot, meeting vegetation clearance requirements of the tight timelines of the Order including processing materials through a rented Chipper for a full day in ~ 90 degree temperatures.

Thank-you for your consideration.
Enclosed below are pictures of the lot and the container. (pictures were emailed to City Council)

Craig K. Murray

Nate Fine August 19, 2020, 2:31 PM

How is this possible? Nobody to run for city council? No comments for the town hall meeting today? Why are we so apathetic? I have a few questions for our city council:

1. What is our plan for affordable housing? How can we attract people from the Bay Area to move here for more affordable living. This would bring more revenue and diversity into our community. Maybe revamp tourism?

2. What is Clearlake's plan to bring tourism back? Wineries? B and Bs? Fishing? What about the cannabis industry?

3. What is Clearlake's plan for global climate change?

Jamie Fielden August 6, 2020, 7:32 PM

We submitted emails to be read at today’s meetings regarding the city yard proposed site to [email protected] July 28th. We were instructed to ask for these emails to be read and put on public record. Unfortunately I have tried and do not see the live stream of this meeting from the link. I asked my neighbor who also wanted to watch this council meeting if she was able to access it and she could not. We have waited for this opportunity to hear the planning/details about this project.

Name not shown August 6, 2020, 5:57 PM

why the City of Clear Lake, CA is stopping new tobacco licensees to come in the city?
it clearly brigs more people and business to the city. almost all the cities around have 3 or 5 smoke shops. Clear Lake is the only city without a single smoke shop in it. We have no smoke shop in the city, and it will be a good place to start a new business for a person like me who is suffering thru tough times in Covid-19. Please consider giving it new tobacco licenses.

Subhagya Joshi August 6, 2020, 4:27 PM

In regards to the decision for the implementing of the Tobacco Retail License, there are several issues that I think must definitely addressed. As I am sure that many others will also contest, the ban of flavored tobacco products will undoubtedly lead to a reduction of tax collected from sales within city limits; however, those that are going to purchase these products can simply drive to the neighboring city and the tax that would be collected would be diverted to those cities. It is much more reasonable to instead use the money to launch awareness campaigns surrounding the risks and long term consequences of underage use. Various studies published by both the CDC and FDA have shown that awareness alone is sufficient in curtailing underage use.

Furthermore, I think that it is also quite evident that by proposing such limitations, there will be negative ramifications on the livelihoods of many that run businesses that rely heavily on such sales. This proposition is not fixing the issues that are relevant but instead is simply creating new ones.