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What are your top five movies for the APRC Movies in the Park Program?

181 registered responses

You've got 5 dots to 'spend'. Put 1 dot next to your top five movies.

Response Percent Response Count
Incredibles 2 8.2% 74
Mary Poppins Returns 7.3% 66
Christopher Robin (Disney) 4.2% 38
Peter Rabbit 2.5% 23
A Dogs Way Home 4.9% 44
Trolls 2.2% 20
Spiderman-Into the Spider-verse 9.8% 89
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 8.0% 72
Coco 10.1% 91
Sing 3.0% 27
Brave (Disney) 5.7% 52
How to Train Your Dragon 7.3% 66
E.T. 10.7% 97
Wonder 3.5% 32
The Goonies 11.3% 102

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Incredibles 2

Mary Poppins Returns

Christopher Robin (Disney)

Peter Rabbit

A Dogs Way Home


Spiderman-Into the Spider-verse

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory



Brave (Disney)

How to Train Your Dragon



The Goonies

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